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Founded in 1998, the Social Opportunity Institute (IOS) is a Brazilian non-profit organization working on free professional and technological education for young people and people with disabilities, and also commited to promoting their employability.
In other words, our mission is to seek, assist and monitor the employability of youths and people with desabilities, who have less access to job market opportunities.

42% of unemployment rate faced by teenagers in Brazil, aging 14 to 17; according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics or IBGE (2018)
80% of Brazilian youth do not continue their studies on tertiary education. Thus, to prepare them to work represents a gain on workforce productivity.
70k is estimated on vacancies to be open between 2019 and 2024 in technology sector.

Over 36k youths graduated in our programs.

More than 6k employed in the last 6 years.


Average increase of 43% in Family income.

12 units across the country.

Our Projects:

Understand the main process flows of a company, regardless of its size or segment. Assimilate how the ERP software contributes to the automation and economic growth of the institution.

Learn about an overview of the project management knowledge base, describing and applying practices in order to meet project requirements. To manage projects is to apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques.

Web Programming, Infrastructure and Networks, Software.

Learn about he main activities and routines of the Human Resources and Personnel Department. Practice using the TOTVS RM Vitae and RM Labore modules as tools capable of optimizing and integrating processes related to these sectors in the company.

Bemacash is the software used by students to learn about the implantation, configuration and operation of technology at a point of sale, contextualizing the main registration, management and cash flow processes through everyday situations and sales practices.

Understand the structure of the customer relationship area through the Support Zendesk online platform. Contextualize the main processes with practical day-to-day situations from the perspective of agents, administrators and end consumers.

Understand the applicability of the cloud in a company, regardless of its size or segment. Assimilate how cloud computing and Power BI contribute to the institution’s automation and economic growth.

IOS works in partnership with the Ministry of Economy as a Social Organization that executes Professional Learning in Sao Paulo (SP), supporting companies in complying with the Learning Law. The 16-month management apprenticeship course is aimed at young graduates or high school students.

Ethics and Transparency

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