Our Team

IOS employees are called “participants”, as a way of indicating that everyone is responsible for building the Institute’s work and generating social impact.


Some internal indicators reflect our practices of inclusion and welcoming diversity:

120 participants

+ 30%

are professionals who graduated from the Institute


are black (black or brown, according to self-declaration)

President, Superintendent

and the 2 managers are WOMEN

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Social Opportunity Institute Organization Chart

Based on the Institute’s statutes, our highest level of governance is the General Assembly, followed by the Board of Directors, the Fiscal Council and the Advisory Council, all three of which are made up of volunteer professionals. Our internal management begins with the Superintendent, followed by managers and area coordinators. Check out the Institute’s organizational chart:

IOS leaders:

Our teams are made up of dedicated and committed people who identify with our cause and want to make a difference. Meet our leadership:

Board of Directors

Superintendence and Management


Leaders and Experts