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Corporate Social Responsability

Increasingly, the contribution of companies is fundamental to the socioeconomic development of our country and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In line with the UN Agenda 2030, IOS seeks to articulate and carry out projects that promote Quality Education, with Gender Equality, to guarantee thousands of young people in social vulnerability and People with Disabilities with Decent Work and Economic Growth, acting directly for the Reduction of Inequalities and Eradication of Poverty in Brazil.

IOS can be the social responsibility action of your company.


Talents that will generate innovation in your company

We want to be the right arm of your company’s HR team for first job vacancies: young apprentices, interns and first job positions (helpers, technical assistants, for example)

In addition to appointing young people already trained by IOS and pre-selected according to the job vacancy profile, the IOS Opportunities team can also schedule interviews for the selection process and provide the candidate with information about the vacancy, thus optimizing  the time of the HR team.

And best of all: At no cost to your company. We perform this service free of charge, and our success indicator will be the approval of the young person in the selection process.

Over the past 5 years, IOS has supported the employability of more than 5,000 young people, benefiting more than 20,000 people!

Young people can perform various functions: from administrative routines, to specific areas such as inventory, purchasing, finance, sales or HR, in customer service areas and in Information Technology areas, from technical support, through infrastructure and networks, even programming in web development and cloud computing.


We offer professional learning

The courses offered by IOS are planned and produced in-house. The Content team continuously seeks new professional education methodologies, keeping close to the students and paying attention to their employability needs.

The IOS Apprentice Program is the best solution for companies that need to hire young people for apprenticeship vacancies, and that seek, not only to fulfill the learning quota, but mainly, the continuity of professional development of these young people, enhancing their employability conclusion of the apprenticeship contract.

Regulated by the Ministry of Economy through Law 10,097 / 2000 the course is validated in the administrative occupational arch model and is currently offered to companies located in the city of São Paulo.

At IOS, your company has the support of a team of professional specialists, who will support the implementation and conduct of the program, as well as a pedagogical and psychosocial team that will accompany the apprentices throughout the contract period. The courses offered by IOS are constantly developed and improved by our Content team, continually looking for new professional education methodologies, and staying close to students to meet their employability needs.

In addition, the IOS Apprentice Program offers other differentials such as:

  • Free referral and support in recruiting young people for the selection process;
  • Theoretical and practical content, in administrative concepts with the use of market technologies;
  • Monthly frequency monitoring;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Specialized team of teachers;
  • School extension in Portuguese and mathematics, stimulating logical reasoning and continuous development of behavioral skills complement our innovative model;
  • Support to HR to clarify doubts about the Learning Law and the IOS Apprentice Program;
  • Constant feedback to HR regarding student´s performance.

We guarantee companies all the necessary structure to recruit young talent.

INCLUSION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES - Get to know our differentiated performance format

Have the best talents with disabilities in your company

We offer professional training for People with Disabilities, customized according to the demand of your company, adding development of new technical and behavioral content.

Our purpose is for the individual to become fit for work after the completion of the training.

We also support the process of attracting, engaging and selecting candidates, both in partnership with the company’s own HR, and in partnership with specialized consultants.

Additionally, we hold workshops to train company leaders in the inclusion of professionals with disabilities.


We meet the demand of your company

Through the contents planned and developed by our Educational team, IOS remains close to students, in addition to meeting the main requirements of the labor market.

A challenge turned into an opportunity by the Institute is the adaptation of dense and technical content into lighter classes. By prioritizing the student’s context and their life experiences and delivering the material in an accessible language, with the quality that is recognized by our partners, social investors and the students themselves.

This way, we have the team and expertise to develop new training for our course portfolio, both by developing professional skills for a specific position, and by promoting social impact.


Strengthen your employees' life purpose

Strengthen your employees’ life purpose

In addition to Corporate Volunteering adding value and knowledge to students and IOS participants, it is also an important tool for the personal and professional development of the volunteers. We recommend Corporate Volunteering for professionals who want to develop themselves in new professional challenges, and who seek to practice skills such as group work, leadership, public speaking, resourcefulness for problem solving and constant desire to learn.

IOS has several volunteer opportunities, and partner companies can choose the one that best fits their profile.

Promotion of transformations

The union, often from different social realities, promotes positive transformations in those involved.

Our training expands horizons, with guidelines for behavior, career and citizenship


Invest in social projects

We have projects approved by the FIA ​​- Fund for Children and Adolescents, at the municipal and state levels, and PROMAC – Municipal Program to Support Cultural Projects in SP.

Companies taxed by taxable income can donate up to 1% of the income tax payable, and deduct 100% of this amount as a tax incentive.

Learn more about our projects currently open for funding:


Productive Inclusion of Adolescents and Youth in the South Zone (CAC 176/19)

Objective: To promote professional qualification, support for entry into the labor market and income generation through technical and methodological professional training in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and business rules for 120 adolescents between 15 and 17 years old, in the Jardim Angela district, South Zone.

Deadline: 12 Months of Project

Value: R $ 435,102.22

Professional Training in the West Zone (CAC 177/19)

Objective: To promote professional qualification, support for entry into the labor market and income generation through technical and methodological professional training in ITC (Information Technology and Communication) and business rules for 120 adolescents between 15 and 17 years old, in West and Northwest Zone of SP, such as Brasilândia and Pirituba.

Deadline: 12 Months of Project

Value: R $ 449,015.41


START: Preparing young people for the job market

Objective: It aims to promote, free of charge, professional education through a training program involving technical knowledge: technology and digital education; behavioral development for the job market; notions of citizenship and employability; in addition to the development of socio-emotional skills and monitoring with a social worker.

Target Audience: 150 adolescents between 14 and 17 years and 11 months, students or graduates of public schools in Belo Horizonte and the Metropolitan Region

Location: Belo Horizonte

Deadline: 12 Months of Project

Amount: R $ 434,908.35


Digital Culture and Youth: Peripheral Connections

Objective: The project aims to train 80 young people from the outskirts of São Paulo for digital culture through a course that ranges from knowledge in language, communication and expression to programming techniques, digital illustration and the use of software. The objective is to facilitate the entry of these young people into the job market of creative economy and technology, in addition to reinforcing school content in order to fill possible educational gaps.

Location: Jardim Angela, South Zone of SP

Deadline: 12 Months of Project

Price: R $ 591,230.00


Why invest in IOS?


• Experienced professionals in developing and leading corporate social projects

• Constant access to new technologies by the maintenance companies

• Office for Project and Methodology for result indicators (KPIs)

• Constant innovation

• Government partnerships (monitoring and inspection)

Social Impact

• Performance in a cause of extreme urgency in Brazil: Employment and Income Generation.

• Networking with the three sectors of society to expand opportunities.

• Corporate Volunteering

• More than 5,000 young people included in the job market in the last 5 years

• More than 2,000 people with disabilities trained

• Increase in average family income by 54% after gaining employment


CEBAS – Social Assistance Charity Entity Certificate

• Municipal, state and federal certificates

• Transparency and accounting, tax, financial and legal security

• Annual external audit, since 2013, without reservations

• Annual Activity Report since 2015 using the GRI model

• Code of ethics


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