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Who we are

We work for a more just country

The Institute for Social Opportunity (IOS) is a Charitable Social Assistance Entity certified by CEBAS, which has been promoting free professional training and employability for young people and people with disabilities since 1998.
IOS trains professionals who, in addition to their technical knowledge and theoretical training, add behavioral competencies sought by the labor market, such as relationship management, respect of diversity, teamwork and creative problem solving, always based on an innovative mindset.

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Indicators that make a difference

In more than 20 years of operation, IOS has trained 42 thousand students. Each year, more than 2 thousand students pass through IOS and each employed student contributed to a positive impact of up to 54% on family income. Get to know our results.

45 thousand

graduated students

+ 2.5 thousand

students registered per year, on average


students graduated per year on average


average approval rating


students employed annually on average


impact on the family income of employed students

Mission, vision and values

We seek opportunities for all


Awakening the potential of lives and citizen awareness.


co-create employability and income generation opportunities for youth by providing free professional training in technology.


To be our stakeholders’ natural choice, for talent training and productive inclusion.


We are an agent of transformation based on: Integrity, Ethics, Respect, Dedication, Search for Knowledge and Team Spirit..

Where we are

Get to know the IOS service units

The Institute for Social Opportunity (IOS) is a non-profit institution that works in a network with other social organizations or private entities.

Networking allows you to be in several territories where there is a demand for vocational training for young people and people with disabilities.

São Paulo


IOS Headquarters

Avenue Gal. Ataliba Leonel, 245

CEP 02033-000

Phone: +55 (11) 9.7343-9010


Obra Social Dom Bosco

Street Álvaro de Mendonça, 456

CEP 08215-290

Phone: +55 (11) 9.9592-0836

Jardim Ângela

Sociedade Santos Mártires

Street Luís Baldinato, 09

CEP 04935-100

Phone: +55 (11) 9.4351-6075

Santo Amaro


Street Coronel Luís Barroso, 455

CEP 04750-030

Phone: +55 (11) 9.3072-7108

Grande São Paulo


Obra Social São Francisco Xavier

Street da Terra, 80 – Serraria

CEP 09981-540

Phone: +55 (11) 9.7366-1495


ADRA – Núcleo Vinde a Mim

Street do Canário, 308 – Jd. Boa Esperanca

CEP 13184-120

Phone: +55 (19) 9.8164-1144




Street Benedito Dias, 87 – Nova Aldeinha

CEP 06440-181

Phone: +55 (11) 9.4372-3683

Santa Catarina


Faculdade Censupeg

Avenue Juscelino Kubitscheck, 627

CEP 89201-100

Phone: +55 (47) 9.9204-4627

Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte

PUC São Gabriel

Street Walter Ianni, 255 andar – São Gabriel

CEP 30980-110

Phone: +55 (31) 9.9705-9270

Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte

PUC Barreiro

Avenue Afonso Vaz de Melo, 1200 – Barreiro

CEP 30640-070

Phone: +55 (31) 9.9705-9270



Porto Digital

Avenue Cais do Apolo, 222, 12º andar – Centro

CEP 50030 – 230

Phone: +55 (11) 2503 – 2618

Rio Grande do Sul

Porto Alegre

UniRitter – Campus FAPA

Avenue Manoel Elias, 2001 – bloco B – Passo das Pedras

CEP 91240 – 261

Phone: +55 (51) 3433-6921

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Faculdade UNISUAM

Avenue Paris, 72 – Laboratório 102 C – Bonsucesso

CEP 21041-020

Phone: +55 (21) 9.9512-3276 | +55 (21) 9.9969-6642

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Universidade Castelo Branco

Avenue de Santa Cruz, 1631 –   Realengo

CEP 21710-232

Phone: +55 (21) 9.9969-6642

Promote and share practices that encourage the strengthening of family and community coexistence

What we believe in

Development of an inclusive society

We believe in youth protagonism and the social inclusion of young people through education and work, which are some of the fundamental elements for the development of a nation.

We work to ensure that opportunities for professional training and job vacancies are offered equally to young people and people with disabilities.

People with access to educational and professional opportunities have more autonomy, assume a role in their lives, strengthen and restore social bonds with their families and community.

IOS Message

We invest in the development of people

Since 1998, we have grown consistently, multiplied our units, worked with different governments, resisted different economic crises and, most importantly, supported more than 42 thousand young people through training and work. We train, on average, 2,000 students per year and by supporting their job search, we have been able to increase their families’ income by around 54%.

This strength and resilience are explained by simple fundamentals. First, we have employees who are truly committed to their work and aware that their results directly affect the service provided to young people who have an entire future ahead of them. Second, because we have adopted administrative practices such as strategic planning, projects, schedules, budgets, certificates, partners, collections, pressure, results and deliveries, many deliveries.

Here at IOS we seek to provide the best work environment for our teams and the best environment for the education of our students.

We believe that training should consider the student in the center of the issues and understand, from their perspective, under what conditions education needs to happen. Therefore our methodology takes into account technological innovation, including courses focused on technology – the career of the future which presents great employment opportunities, higher education and entrepreneurship – and pedagogical innovation, based entirely on the context of students, offering non-traditional educational models, psychosocial care, involving family members, investing in students’ socio-emotional skills and in supporting the development of people appropriate to their trajectories.

We continuously invest in infrastructure, in servers; we have adequate computers, internet, updated market software and a special concern in the constant improvement of accessibility for people with disabilities.


Inside our history

Many events marked our trajectory of life transformation and social impact.

Opportunity Portraits

The third sector and social development

The 18 years of IOS were marked by the publication of a book that tells the stories of 21 people who had their lives transformed through the work of the Institute. A behind-the-scenes video was also produced. Check it out.

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Connect and inspire our young people to follow their dreams


We collaborate with the development of companies and our students

We offer free professional training in the areas of Administration and Information Technology (IT) based on a hybrid-teaching model, which includes:


Administrative area

  • Macro view of how a company operates;
  • Business rules;
  • Main departments and interconnection between them;
  • Differential: Use of ERP TOTVS software to practice learned concepts.

Technology Area

  • Practical cases;
  • Programming language taught through games, music and memes;
  • Technical concepts that require logical reasoning.

Contents are taught in a transversal and interdisciplinary way that contribute to the training and learning of students, such as:

  • Socio-emotional skills;
  • School extension: mathematics, communication and expression;
  • Employability;
  • Behavior and citizenship.

In addition, we offer support to students through:

  • Psychosocial Team: Support during training to conduct themes that may impact the development of young people in the course;
  • IOS Program for Access to Higher Education: Articulation with colleges to win partial or total scholarships for students trained by IOS;
  • Pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical support: for possible difficulties in the learning process and support for students entering higher education through the Institute;
  • IOS Opportunities Center: Support in gaining job opportunities for young apprentice, internship or permanent positions for graduated students;
  • Entrepreneurship: theme worked in the classroom in different ways, either through intrapreneurship, within the companies in which the students go to work, or ways to create their own businesses or develop family businesses.

It is through this joint and simultaneous work that IOS trains young people and prepares them for the start of their professional lives. The Institute also supports employing partners with initial recruitment in a unique way by looking for students who have already graduated and who not only meet the requested technical requirements but also have a behavioral profile compatible with the position and culture of the partner company.


Innovation that breaks boundaries

Be part of a network of organizations and increase the chances of employment and social opportunities for young people and people with disabilities in your region.

Operation through an expansion format that allows other social organizations to replicate the IOS operating model in their region. Social Technology is developed based on educational processes and the generation of social opportunities already tested and consolidated by IOS.

Through the multiplication of the methodology already applied in IOS, we prepare partner organizations to implement our work format.

Social Technology promotes the expansion of social impact through the articulation of a network of social organizations, financing companies and IOS, resulting in an increase in job opportunities for young people in the benefited region.

It uses the principles of Professional Training and Social Opportunity as a basis and, through partnerships, multiplies the model and the positive impact of IOS in locations where there are no units of its own.


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